A90 Ankle Strap - 5 things you didn't know

A90 Ankle Strap - 5 things you didn't know

For those new to our A90 Ankle Straps: This product allows for a whole range of (effective & joint-friendly!) leg exercises, especially for hamstrings. But there is more ...

1. Better than certain machine curls!

While specific leg curl machines just don’t match your body structure, our ankle strap-bands setup does! The outcome: Feel your target hamstrings burning - not your knee tendons and lower back, instead! Also, our setup leads to a different stimulus compared to machines. You will feel it at your first rep already. 

2) Isolate shoulders/biceps/triceps

This setup allows for a complete upper body workout for those suffering from wrist injuries, but not only! Use your ankle straps for all sorts of lateral raises, biceps and triceps movements on bands or cables to perfectly isolate your shoulders / exclude your forearms from the loads involved.

3. "Weighted" pull-ups possible

This is an easy trick if no weights are around. And even if they would, this setup turns out to be valuable for those lacking a proper mind-muscle connection. You will take out the momentum of the pull, so that you involve your back muscles equally intense throughout the whole movement.

Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CXdgoAmAQfV/

4. The most intense bodyweight exercise for glutes & hamstrings

Here your prime mover is your gluteus. Squeeze it, as well as your abs, throughout the active part of the movement. As you curl your legs, move your hips back at the same time by bending your upper back. The video will explain it best!

5. More ROM with ankle straps too!

What would make narrow-grip exercises and triceps pushdowns with Angles90 Grips perfect? Increasing the length of the grips to experience a more natural shoulder alignment and more ROM. The solution? If you don’t have a rope handle available like in the picture, simply add your ankle straps between the machine or sling trainer and your grips (max. weight 200 lb / 100 kg)!

Ready to expand your (home) gym or simply make more out of your limited training area?

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