A90 Jump Rope

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Package includes:

  • 3m (9.84ft) metal speed-rope
  • Adjustable rope to fit your height
  • PVC coating for outdoor training on any surface
  • Durable aluminium handle
  • High-quality ball bearings for an elevated swing frequency

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Combine cardio, coordination and space independence

We won’t even start explaining why you generally should do cardio, that should be obvious. 

Instead, let us make three examples where you should consider rope jumping, even as an alternative to cycling or rowing: 

  1.  Stronger bones & tendons: jumping hits your body with permanent “micro-kicks”, leading to stronger bones and tendons. 
  2.  Better for warm-ups: apart from your lower body, you engage your whole upper body too and warm up your shoulder-, wrist- and  elbow-joints 
  3.  Balance & coordination: especially if you don’t practice any other sport besides weight lifting, you now have the chance to train your  balance and coordination. 

Don’t forget that our bodies are not meant to just lift weights. A healthy body is created by cardio, balance and coordination, too - all of which you will improve with the A90 Jump Rope.

Customer Reviews

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leonardo mantovani

attrezzo efficacissimo fin dal suo primo utilizzo. esattamente conforme alle immagini fotografiche

Luca Pio Potenza

Molto buono

Artem R.
Best jump rope

It's the best jump rope for me. I like it really. Thank you very much

Itamar Lendner
Great product

I enjoy it very much!
Gives me natural ways of grasping and feeling more free motion on all the joints involved.

Ryan Rivard

A90 Jump Rope