A90 Hip Bands

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Package includes:

  • White band (heavy 40-50lb)
  • Grey band (medium 25-35lb)
  • Black band (light 15-25lb)
  • Angles90 net carry bag

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    More angles for your glutes

    Since the glutes contain the largest muscle of your body (the gluteus maximus), they should get the attention they deserve. The glutes extend and abduct your hip and perform internal and external rotation of your thighs, so you should do more than just squats and deadlifts - especially if you struggle feeling (and thus developing!) your glutes during compound movements.

    That's not all: strong glutes also help prevent knee and lower back injuries and are useful for several rehab workouts.

    As with everything, the pareto principle applies to the A90 Hip Bands too: you can probably perform 15+ exercises, but the ones with the - by far - biggest added value are kickbacks and all external hip rotation movements.

    More than aesthetic glutes!

    Injury prevention, mass maintanence and abs

    Injury Prevention

    Activation before squats and deadlifts

    Mass development

    Isolation before and after leg workouts

    Mass maintenance

    Complete leg days when outside your gym

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    Jerry Simpson
    Order was not Delivered

    Where is my order?

    Matt Chacon
    Dont over look hipbands

    Great resistance hip bands for warm ups, increasing the difficulty on your main lifts, or adding variety when you’re limited on equipment.


    A90 Hip Bands

    Martin Zrubec
    Its worth

    I started to use it from the day 1. I guess it's obvious how it is used... the build is good. I am 100% satisfied.

    Michael Tan

    A90 Hip Bands